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Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Heads to LEGO CUUSOO from The Escapist
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New Ghostbusters Cycling Jersey from Brainstorm Gear


Just in from Brainstorm Gear, this officially licensed Ghostbusters Slimer Cycling Jersey! Available via special order in the Ghostbusters Fans shop.

SLIME the competition while you stay cool and dry! Introducing the brand-new, officially licensed Ghostbusters Cycling Jersey from Brainstorm Gear. Our high-tech fabric quickly wicks moisture away from the skin and into the air, and with a full-length zipper, you can cool down fast! We use only top of the line inks that print so fine it's almost ... supernatural! With Slimer at your back, you'll stand out with style on the road or on the track!

Available in Mens and Womens sizes.

Posted By: AJ Quick at April 22nd, 2014, 4:12 pm

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30th Anniversary Traveling Art Show Starts Tonight!


Nearly 80 artists have joined together with Gallery 1988 to put together the official Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary traveling art show.

Opening reception starts tonight from 7PM to 10PM in New York City. Gallery traveling locations will be as follows:

New York: April 19 - 26
69 Leonard Street
New York, NY 10013

Los Angeles: May 17 - June 1st
Gallery 1988 (West)
7308 Melrose Avenue

Chicago: June 20 - 22
2780 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614

San Diego: July 24 - 27
San Diego Convention Center
Booth #1806

Find out more at:

Posted By: AJ Quick at April 19th, 2014, 1:23 pm

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Ghostbusters Glow in the Dark Single Available April 19th


Head down to your local record shop on April 19th to snag a special 30th Anniversary Glow in the Dark Ghostbusters 10" single for Record Store Day 2014! The record is said to contain the original Ghostbusters theme by Ray Parker Jr, in addition to an instrumental version and dance / dub remixes.

Check out for a listing of participating record shops near you!

Posted By: AJ Quick at April 18th, 2014, 4:09 pm

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Harold Ramis Memorial Pin Now Available


We lost Harold Ramis just over a month ago to Vasculitis, a group of disorders that destroy blood vessels by inflammation. Almost immediately, fans banded together to design a memorial pin or patch that would best pay tribute to Harold. The clear winner was this lapel pin designed by community member Dr. Stantz Jr.

Ghostbusters Fans is providing this pin at below cost to provide as many fans as possible with the awesome design. Pin it to your uniform, backpack, Proton Pack, t-shirt or anything that you can to pay your respects to the late Harold Ramis. Each pin is 1.5" wide and is made from a highly polished silver metal with black and red enamel lettering.

The pin is now available in the Ghostbusters Fans Shop for only $1.00 here: ... lapel-pin/

If you want to donate money to the cause, please make your donations personally to the Vasculitis Foundation.

Posted By: AJ Quick at March 31st, 2014, 4:43 pm

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Ghostbusters Hardcover Book "Total Containment"


IDW has released a new hardcover book which combines the first four comic stories into one single supersized book.

They said nothing could hold all 16 issues of IDW's Ghostbusters series-but they didn't count on TOTAL CONTAINMENT!

With psychokinetic energy on the rise in New York City and across the country, and new enemies-human and otherwise-threatening their billable hours, Peter, Egon, Ray, and Winston have to prove once again why the Ghostbusters are the real professionals.

Collects Volumes 1-4: The Man From The Mirror, The Most Magical Place On Earth, Haunted America, and Who Ya Gonna Call?

This book features and amazing embossed containment unit on the front and is slightly larger than your average comic book, which makes the stories easier to read. The Total Containment book is available now from the Ghostbusters Fans Shop here: ... ntainment/

Posted By: AJ Quick at March 30th, 2014, 11:20 am

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