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42-Year-Old Male
Studio City, CALIFORNIA United States

Last Visit: Sep 6, 2012

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About: I just moved to "Hollywood" on Halloween last year. Literally, my favorite holiday, and I was behind the wheel the whole time driving from Orlando, FL. I've had to work on Halloween every year prior since I was 25. This year is going to be awesome! I'm putting a sweet Ghostbusters costume together and have already requested Halloween off so I'm good to go! I'll probably run around Universal in my costume if it's not against the rules. Haw Haw!
Favorite Movies: Ghostbusters, Gremlins, Little Shop of Horrors, Marvel Films, Tarantino, Star Wars and Weekend at Bernie's.
Favorite Music: Rock! Creed was my favorite band for a while until Stapp screwed everything up. Alter Bridge is pretty solid. Breaking Benjamin is awesome but they need to have some backup singing going on when they perform live. Evanescence was great until Ben Moody left. Now they're... "meh". My old band Validium was frikkin' righteous!
Favorite TV Shows: Family Guy, American Dad!, Cleveland (forthcoming, you guys will LOVE it!), South Park, Simpsons, Beavis and Butt-head, Reno 911, Gene Simmons Family Jewels (the ONLY reality show I'll watch) and All in the Family.
Favorite Books: Ummmm..... I had this really cool Book and Record of "The Empire Strikes Back" when I was a kid where Vader's cut line "I want that ship" comes after the Millenium Falcon takes off from Hoth.
Interests: Having a Kick-Ass Ghostbusters costume for Halloween to impress all the Family Guy peeps!
Xbox Gamertag: iamtheraceman

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AJ Quick

August 24th, 2015, 3:03 pm
Happy Birthday!

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