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32-Year-Old Female
South FLorida, FLORIDA Usa

Last Visit: Nov 30, 2010

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About: undercover geek
Favorite Movies: Ghostbusters, Legend, The Mummy, Star Wars, Blade Runner, Goonies, Rebecca, Boondock Saints, Oceans 11/12/13, X-Files, Indiana Jones (all but the last one), Jurassic Park, Alice in Wonder land.. there are to many for me to list! AHHHH!
Favorite Music: i'm eclectic and listen to everything
Favorite TV Shows: X-FILES, True Blood, Family Guy, Lexx, MST3K, Arrested Development, Conan O'Brian, the real ghostbusters, anything on the history channel or any of those educational fun shows!
Favorite Books: must get back to reading those!
Interests: anything and everything! I love learning new things! and discussing all kinds of topics!
AIM SN: littlesiouxsie2

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