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By Bigfoot_MO
Hi- first pic is of a johnny Lightning frightning Lightning from my collection. Basically same size as a regular hot wheels and was sold in late 90s. Did my best to build it scaled up. There are lots of various color schemes but this is one of my favorites. The proton pack is 3D printed from thingiverse.com
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By CaptCyan
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:nicejobyoudid: Hey BF!

Use the "IMG" string for sharing photos and the pictures will show up in your post instead of being redirected to Photobucket.


Nice work on your JL Ecto. :nicejobyoudid:
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By redfive1973
Love the variant color. What scale is that in?
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By redfive1973
Ok cool. Wasn't sure what size they were and couldn't gauge it from the pictures. Thanks.
By Bigfoot_MO
Thanks again all.

Yes, the kit is the AMT reissue which is 1/25 scale and the johnny Lightning is 1/64 I believe.

I used a Testors spray can for the paint with a couple coats of clear after I applied the decals.

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