Discuss the upcoming movie to be released in 2020 and directed by Jason Reitman.
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By deadderek
Ecto Cooler will be back but the rollout will be different.
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By Sav C
I really hope Ecto Cooler makes it up here (Canada) this time around. If it doesn't I'll have to go on one of those drink mixing sites and use a fan attempt at recreating the recipe.
By Coover5
I have my doubts on the meter, I think we'd see a Slimeblower before that if at all.
a slimeblower would be a dream come true especially with how they scale them down. I got to try on someone's full size slimeblower at a con and I looked like a toddler in it.
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By SpaceBallz
I must be in the minority that doesn't care for ecto-cooler. It gives me heartburn.
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By Doctor Venkman
I like it more than slapping a logo on something like "Buy these twinkies. The box has a Ghostbusters symbol!" type of thing.
I mean, kind of, but not really. The Twinkies were still special flavors that aren't normally available, just like Ecto Cooler. Ecto Cooler has the nostalgia factor though.
By BRD 527
was just watching Spaceballs last night lol this is reminding me of the part with Yogurt "Merchandising! Merchandising! Where the real money from the movie is made!"

Ghostbusters the T shirt, Ghostbusters the Coloring book, Ghostbusters the Lunch box, ghostbusters the breakfast cereal, Ghostbusters the FLAMETROWER! :lol:
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By Alphagaia
Ghostbusters the lingerie.
Kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it?
The only scene where Ray is smoking as well... makes you wonder indeed.
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By robbritton

Kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it?
The only scene where Ray is smoking as well... makes you wonder indeed.
Doesn't he have a cigar on the go when they pull up to the kids party? Because of course that'd be where he'd smoke it in a film that got rid of smoking to protect the kids!
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By Alphagaia
Either my joke is ruined now or Ray gets off at a lot of questionable things.
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By SpaceBallz
He switched to cigars in part 2 for some reason. Take that, big tobacco!
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By Glenn Frederick
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I know of two people that carry Cigars but they never smoke them.
They just put them in their mouths and claim to have quit smoking for years.

Maybe that's a thing that Ray does to help him deal with not being able to smoke?
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By Alphagaia
Well, at least someone is smoking something.
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By Alphagaia
Any minute now.
By Coover5
LaMarche is the only person I would want doing Egon's voice if they had to have Egon saying something. The Halloween franchise had someone do a Donald Pleasance impression twice and Leprechaun Returns had a Jenifer Anniston impression. All three instances took me out of the movie. I imagine though since LaMarche is already Egon's voice I'd be fine with it.
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By SpaceBallz
LaMarche said he vowed never to do Egon's voice ever again after Ramis passed. I think it was a video at a con where they had some voice actors at a panel and they were all asked to pick a character to read the lines from a scene from GB1. I think he did "The Brain" voice instead.
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