Talk about stuff that has nothing to do with Ghostbusters!
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By Zharthaddeus
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If this subject has been posted some place else, I humbly apologize.

It seems like I've been away from this forum for ages!
Had to help my son get over some rough times. Anyway, are there any
band of Busters out there going to DCon this year? I haven't been since
2013. I snagged a room for six days last week and I'm proud of it! My first visit was
in 2009 and 30,000+ fans had attended. I heard last year drew 80,000+.

If you'd like to share fascinating stories, pros and cons, hotel concerns or anything
else that would get me back into the mindset of DCon, I'd like to read it.
Thanks in advance . . .
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By Zharthaddeus
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Great doctorevil! I enjoy meeting other busters
from across the country. For us out-of-towners,
snagging hotel reservations has been and will
probably be always a challenge.

Are you doing the parade?
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By Zharthaddeus
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I'll be checking with Michigan GB's to see if they'll be attending.
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