Talk about stuff that has nothing to do with Ghostbusters!
By LM_Productions
For years I've been asking myself how in hell does Professor E. Gadd's Poltergust 3000 and Poltergust 5000 EVEN WORK?!
(for those who don't know, The Poltergust is a Vacuum Cleaner Luigi uses in the Luigi's Mansion Series to fight ghosts. Look it up)

Obviously, the real answer is, It's a vacumm for catching ghosts: It sucks in the ghost through the nozzle, into the hose, and into the body of the vacuum. WELL DUH!!! That's the easy way to explain it. But I want LOGICAL and SCIENTIFIC answers. Like if Egon had to explain how it works. If anyone could try to look at it from a scientific stand point, that would be great.
By One time
I don't know about that specific item.

But in Ghostbusters it's surprising how much "scientific" thought has gone into the make believe ghost capturing elements.

If the Luigi tool is similar to the Ghostbusters (muon) trap it could purport to work on the principle that spectral emanations alter the spacetime around them in a certain way. In Ghostbusters for example ionizing the air in which they manifest. The proton /positron combination (whiteorange/blue) streams are used to physically manipulate this region of ionized space (containing the spectral emanation) by way of an attractive force.

This movement while incarcerated depletes the energy of the entity. Then a muon trap is used which introduces a field of ionising radiation by muon decay (steered by hollow lasers) which attracts the spectral ionised entity. This field is reduced in size by the hollow lasers steering until it is shrunk down inside the shielding area of the cartridge. Here the radiation field is maintained depending on the level of charge of the trap (that nrads dial on the front of the trap), by balancing the required ionising radiation absorption dose to the level of charge the trap currently has.

Here's a thread that details that:


From how the proton packs work, to the neutrona wands, the muon trap, etc. There are many threads on this forum and there is the awesome Ghostbusters Operations manual v89 and v91.

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