Talk about stuff that has nothing to do with Ghostbusters!
By Wiggyof9
Wasn't sure where to post this, but figured general discussion was good enough.

I've had a great deal of time on my hands (between jobs right now) and decided to tackle a figure project I started on awhile ago. In addition to being a fan of Ghostbusters, I am also a fan of The Muppets. I collected the Muppet action figure line from Diamond along with the Ghostbusters one. But before Diamond Select there was a company called Palisades Toys that made a muppet figure line in the early 2000's. They went out of business around 12 years ago and even though their Muppet figure line had a ton of characters, I always felt like there were holes in the collection.

They produced both mini figures with no articulation and full sized action figures. The "Mini Muppets" had most of the main characters in poses that defined their character. Kermit on a log playing banjo, Beaker being tortured by Bunsen, Sam Eagle giving a lecture, etc. They did a Fozzie, but it was from The Muppets Christmas Carol and I wasn't fond of the likeness.

Long story short, I decided to sculpt my own Fozzie in an exasperated pose, having bombed on stage. Hand sculpted in wax and then cast in resin. Fully hand painted as well. Its shown with figures from the larger scale line and is not in scale with them, but is in scale with the "mini muppets".


Hope you guys like it, though not Ghostbusters related. I have plans for another project and perhaps will try to sculpt the Scoleri Brothers in scale with Diamond Select's Ghostbusters since they seem to not have the license to make them.

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