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By BatDan
i think this movie looks fantastic personally.

A dark and subtle character study on the Joker in the formula of Taxi Driver? yes please.

I love the style, the tone, and Joaquin looks like he's giving his all in this movie.

People didn't have much faith in Todd Philips since he's known for mostly comedy. I didn't really understand that sentiment since Burton was known for comedies before signing on to Batman 1989.

Philips also shot and directed a documentary on GG Allin, so anyone who can understand the nature of hardcore punk, can certainly understand the anarchy and chaos of the Joker. So i had faith he'd be able to deliver a competent film.

just my two cents.
By BatDan
Just saw it over the weekend. I was blown away, i thought no one could top Heath..but Joaquin brings a whole new take and angle that makes him Heath's (and Jack's) equal.
By BatDan
It was a such a breath of fresh air.

I was so jaded and bored with the excessive CGI Snyder-verse route they were taking. Warners attempt to copy the MCU essentially. BVS, Justice League and Suicide Squad were a complete mess and a waste.

It was nice to see a modestly budgeted comic book film that didnt need big action sets, just raw filmmaking, great acting, and layered screenplay.
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By Winston1986
I saw this and didn't care for it. Way too dark. I felt uncomfortable through out.
I hated having one of the Joker's followers kill Bruce Wayne's parents.
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By BatDan
I keep hearing that as a complaint.

But what did they expect? Its a Joker movie, its supposed to be dark and twisted.

I dunno, im a horror buff, so I applaud the movie for making me feel disturbed, something not many new horror movies achieve.

I liked the Thomas Wayne arc, it added a new layer to the story, it was also somewhat of a callback to the Tim Burton movies, i like the idea of Joker being involved in the Wayne murders somehow, even if its not official “comic” canon.

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