Talk about stuff that has nothing to do with Ghostbusters!
By Coover5
Anyone having trouble with Alex Newborn's YouTube page? I was hoping to see if he had any New Years Eve videos but when I go to the page it says he has no videos.
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By Alex Newborn
Hey, sorry I just now saw this thread.

Glenn had me covered though. Thanks for sharing the link!

I explained the temporary reset in the video posted shortly before midnight on New Year's Eve.

In fact, a small handful of videos have been put back to Public already.

On the other hand, one NEW video that I uploaded about two weeks ago showing my Hallmark GB ornaments on my tree was flagged as 'Made for Children', possibly due to the older Stay-Puft ornament playing the GB theme song. (I decided to delete it and uploaded it to Facebook instead.)

If that's the case, a LOT of my older vids will get flagged as Made for Children under the new COPPA rules.


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