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By slicerd1
Hey guys I original planned to build fully 3d printed googles that are available at thingiverse below. But after printing the whole thing I realized they wouldn't fit over the glasses. I already had purchased some cheap welding goggles before I bought my 3d printer so I now combined to two for the results below. While not screen accurate I think they look pretty good and are nice a light and cost me very little money.

The lenses fit perfectly on top of this style of goggle which are only about $3 on ebay. I also bought some metal stand offs to make the little adjustment knobs. I spray painted the whole thing green and my friend printed me the labels which I modified to fit the goggles.

I built straps using stretchy webbing $3 from the craft store and leather snaps $9 that I already had from building belt fobs.

These fit easilly over my glasses and the lenses actually still flip up so you can see without taking them off if you want.

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