By D1gger
Inspired by this site and some others, I decided to tackle a goggle build, and since my work partner is a big fan, I do everything in twos...

Here's mine:
Then I found some cool looking knob screws to add to them:

Here's the ones I built for my partner:

I also got him a pair of the knob screws as well, but didn't take a pic of his finished. I didn't paint mine, I left them black, the way they came from Lowes. I kinda like how they look in black. My partner's are the standard green Hobart welding goggle and were exactly the same as my black ones, but in green. I painted his using the dark green matte finish camo spray paint and the "lenses" on both are 3/4" x 1" female PVC adapters and a short piece of PVC pipe, some spray paint and some glue. All in total I have less than $20 into each one and I think they came out looking pretty good.
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