By Pokerking
Hi all, I was wondering what you feel is a good 2018 price for the matty goggles. So far the best deal i have seen works out to 245 shipping included. I have a diy one but its the collector in me that want this to go next to the pke and wand
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By Kingpin
I keep hoping that they will start selling them again on the mattel website, but I know better than to hold my breath while I wait.
I think it's beyond safe to assume Mattel will never sell them again, given that other companies have now started producing things along the line of what Mattel had been making.

It's not entirely impossible another company may eventually make them (there was one planning to produce replicas of the Ghost Trap film props, but I've not seen anything recently from that), but that would still be some time away if that did become a reality.

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