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By doctorevil30564
I need to put straps on a pair of ecto goggles I made using a pair of hobart welding goggles.

I need some help with figuring out where to source my snaps and the necessary tool to attach the snaps to the goggles or some kind of alternate method to doing this without having to buy the tool.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I own a pair of the matty collector ecto-goggles but since I wear glasses and the matty ecto goggles are a lot heavier than the ones I made, I'd rather keep those and only use them for photo shoots and use the ones I made for just general wear at events.
By nastynoah
I bought my snaps from Tandy and used epoxy to secure them to my 3D printed goggles. However with the flexible welding goggles I would buy the tool and put them on these the right way.
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By CPU64
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You can get a small kit of snaps and a little punch tool to hammer them together at any craft store or Walmart.
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By doctorevil30564
Would these work, or would I need a larger (or smaller) size? ... 2032986577

I actually bought a pair of the straps for the night vision goggles that were used to make the ecto goggles used in the movie but I'm not sure what size snap fastener I need to be able to use them.

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