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By doctorevil30564
I had first shared these pictures on my uniform build topic, but felt I should do a separate topic for them in the correct section.

The goggles are vinyl frame cutting/welding goggles.

The front pieces are 3d printed I got the files from here.

I used the separate goggle piece files for this build

I used the screws out of a juniper SRX firewall expansion slot cover for the knobs.

I used Olive Drab color krylon camouflage paint with fusion technology spray paint to paint the goggles.

The silver parts of the printed pieces was done using a silver sharpie paint marker and then I sprayed them with clear coat.

The lenses inside the printed pieces were made using faucet adapters from home Depot and the green lenses were cut out from a green food container lid.

The straps are ones I got from eBay. I think they are ones for the same model frames they used to make the ecto goggles in the movies.

I didn't have a lot of room to put stickers on, so I tried to use just just enough to make them not be too "busy".

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