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By Lowberg
So my lifelong quest of obtaining the Miranda adapters jut got a little closer to completion...

I was insanely lucky enough to find the bottom half of the left eye lens and the top silver half of the right eye lens on ebay last year. When I purchased them I thought they were both part of the right eye (seeing how rare the left eye lens is) But when I received them it was clear I got really lucky that the black part was actually from the left eye (The part was listed for $6 as 'uknown c-mount camera adapter' lol )

Fast forward to today.... I was lucky enough to find a full complete set of the right eye so I jumped on it.

Something surprising, the 2 silver right eye pieces I've acquired are made out of totally different materials.
One is a significantly more metallic and heavier than the other, although identical in dimensions.
I think the more muted / matte silver top looks to be more similar to the one used on Ray's goggles, they must be from different generations of the Mirax Laborec cameras.

Side by side, there is definitely a slight height and diameter difference between the two bases. I know that was one thing that was tough to confirm over the years, although the difference is not as drastic as you'd think.

..The left eye lens base is just a tad bit shorter and wider


Now that I have 3/4 of the lenses in my possession, my next goal is to figure out how they attached these. There is some stuff that is still very puzzling to me. They must have used another style of adapter, to create the "base rings" that we see on the ecto goggles. I'm no camera expert but I've seen a lot of similar base rings out there called "c-mount" or "t-mount" adapter rings. Finding the right shape and size to fit the Miranda lenses might be tough though. For all I know the base rings they used may not even be a real world part, could have been fabricated....

One thing that I can't wrap my head around is this knurled base ring that I've boxed in red.
It is not removable from the base, it's a machined part of of the tube.

Looking at reference photos this doesn't match up at all. That knurled part doesn't seem to exist on the hero versions. Unless there's another version of the Miranda adapters floating around that we've never seen before without the knurled base, I'm puzzled why it doesn't seem to appear in reference photos.

Unless they built the base rings around this part...I'm stumped...
The only other thing I can think of is that they maybe mounted the lenses from the inside of the faceplate, so that knurled part would sit behind the face plate. I'll have to experiment to see if this would make sense or not

The left eye lens did come with a detachable base adapter but it doesn't seem to line up with the ones used on the Ecto Goggles. This leads me to believe there might be different style camera adapters out there that would fit these.

I don't think I'll ever find the left eye upper half, but I'm hoping I can get something machined that would fit it.
The base rings here were for my old "close enough" telescope adapter lenses and unfortunately they don't fit. Hoping I can find something similar that will :)

Although still very puzzled about the base rings, I'm sure the answer will come to light someday!
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