By goodale.jason
Hey Everyone
I am currently in the market for a set of Ecto Goggle Lenses along with the actual inserts. I’ve come across an older kit of Venkys and all I’m missing are the lenses. So if anyone has suggestions Ild appreciate it. 3D prints are good too.
I live in Canada and as a side note am also looking for the knobs/dials.
As always much appreciated and Merry Christmas!!!
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By Glenn Frederick
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I not sure if it's available in Canada but what I do is use 3d Hubs, just downloaded the file and set up an account and then upload the files then choose your options and wait for a quote. I paid a little over $13.00 for them.

3d Hubs picks the closest 3d printing services near you but if that's not available in Canada there's a few members that might be willing to print them for you.

As for the side knobs I've bought some off eBay with the screws already attached. I'll see what I searched for.
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