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By Cole Funstuff
Hey Everyone,

Recently I've been working on some 3D files for a couple pieces of GB equipment and got to thinking about the concept of creating 3D references for everything. The plans we have on the site are extremely dated given the resources we have today and it would be great for the community to work on improving this.

I was recently introduced to the idea of photogrammerty and its current capabilities in the open source world. The Meshroom project was one that especially looks promising:

I'm currently testing this with some other smaller pieces, but I was wondering if someone who has access to a PVS-5a frame, Mirax, lenses, or anything else associated with the goggles would be willing to snap several dozen photos at various angles to help in digitizing the Ecto Goggles.

As a result the community would have 1:1 scale reference to either print, fabricate, or duplicate them, especially given their increasing difficulty to find these days. Also, if we have success with this it could lay the framework for other items such as the Giga meter, PKE, knobs, etc.

Any takers?
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By 8bitGamer1984
Have you tried to get a pair of Mattel Ecto Goggles to scan? ”
While more readily-available, they'd present a rather distorted depiction of the AN/PVS-5 frame if scanned.
Just tring to help. Its just that AN/PVS-5a goggles are hard to come by for less than 100 dollars.
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By Cole Funstuff
Have you tried to get a pair of Mattel Ecto Goggles to scan?
Ideally, we'd be able to have someone with a real pair help out rather than use something else. The goal being that no modifications or alterations would be needed as they're a 100% accurate representation of the frames.
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