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By batmakko
I painted my first pair of goggles with KF OD Green. after letting it sit for a few hours after the tacky came I sprayed them with Black Plasti-dip. Stickies gone nice rubbery feel. It will peel with a good rubbing but seems to hold up with normal handling.


For my second pair I am painting them OD. I misted the paint from about 2 feet away then let it dry for an hour between coats. after the last coat ( #10 I think ) there is no tacky feeling. I think I might try the Clear plasti dip on them.

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By Talyn
plain camo rustoleum works as long as you seal it with something like Mr. Super Clear, its a a japanese paint that is the only true matte finish ive found that dries on just about anything. its a bit expensive though.

This is on my rubber goggles:

By Karma
When you talk about "sealing" you mean coating over with something so that the paint doesn't peel off or flake off?

My goggles were looking awesome until I started handling them...then the paint started to peel off...mainly around the edge of the goggles and at the bends.

By ledelange
Was having trouble tracking down any matte olive drab paint in the uk,
plastikote just dont seem to do a lot of greens.

I then came across Montana Gold spray paint, they do an olive, and quite a few good military type colours,
all in matte, but i belive its a paint designed for grafitti and im not sure how that would work on the rubber.

Anyone tried this product?
By ledelange
Just answered my own question, tried the montana gold, olive green spray tonight.
Works a treat.

Sanded the rubber a little, then 3 or 4 coats of pound shop primer, misted from a couple of feet away,
this gave a textured, almost powder coated look.

Did a couple of coats of the olive, each coat dried almost
instantly with a nice dull finish. gonna do a couple more for good measure then add a matte clear coat as im not sure how hard wearing this will be, looks good so far tho! :-)

Could be a good choice for any uk gbs who are having trouble finding krylon, found this in a canterbury art shop, but in southend also do it, (and a bit cheaper!)
By Fordmadman
What if someone used that fusion paint to prime the goggles then used the olive drab wonder if that would hold up. I know I used a different primer and my goggles was sticky I got to repaint my goggles. :cool:
By Fordmadman
I think I got my problem figured out I got another can of the krylon olive paint today but what I did was sanded my goggles with fine sand paper got them real smooth then I went outside and painted the goggles. It was a pretty hot day out I put about 4 coats of paint on them and left them outside for hours. When I got home checked them and they wasn't sticky it had a rough feel to them they turned out really good. :cool:

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By Ronnyboy
I am making some purple goggles (dont ask), and unfortunately all they had was Purple in Gloss. If I got a matte clear coat, would that dull it down?
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By RedVirtue
I am making some purple goggles (dont ask), and unfortunately all they had was Purple in Gloss. If I got a matte clear coat, would that dull it down?
I think it would dull it down.
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By Cous3
Ronnyboy.............Yes, use Testors Dullcote Flat Clear Lacquer, white can from Michaels or similar store.

Spray in a vented area, wear a mask.


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By The Rookie
So, I'm new at this, so I was an idiot and went ahead and painted the goggles with Quick Color Spray Enamel (On the right).


No priming, no sanding, nothing. I'm so new at this that I was surprised to find that the paint was still sticky after a day's worth of drying. Aside from dusting it, is there anything I can do to not make it sticky? I was unsure about the previous suggestions because I don't know how they'd react to the paint... (Or do I just have to wait a week for it to completely dry? That's going to be hard, because it is hot and humid where I live at the moment, and it's only going to get even more hot and humid, and I want these done in time for Imagicon.)
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By B-Rad
gonna look at doing a custom pair sometime soon and am getting a list together now. So is the consensus to sand the goggle smooth with fine sand paper, prime, paint, and let it set for about 24 hrs?
By ZanderJay
I am having this kind of problem in how to paint welding goggles, even if this is a last year thread. I wanted to pick up some idea and thoughts so that I can start to paint it. I have a painting process but I don't think that it well be good to the goggles.
By wickedmpulse
Ronnyboy.............Yes, use Testors Dullcote Flat Clear Lacquer, white can from Michaels or similar store.

Spray in a vented area, wear a mask.


I just used this stuff on my goggles over Krylon Fusion olive drab and it did the trick and cured the "stickies"
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By belldandy4087
I gave my goggles an initial coat of bumper paint. It worked awesome! Then i gave it an overcoat of regular paint. IT worked great. I did my touch up with Games Workshop Modeling paint. so far it works awesome.
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By DarkSpectre
Well folks after some trial and error, I've finally found the best method for eliminating sticky paint: MOD PODGE!!!!

After washing the down the goggles to remove the greasiness, I brushed a thin layer of MP all over the vinyl. Once it dries it creates a sealed layer that paint will stick to. You can also brush over sticky areas you might have missed, sealing the paint.

I used this method on the Home Depot vinyl gun grips to seal and eliminate tacky paint.

Pics of my latest goggles to follow...
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By cowbybill
Just to follow the thought of Dye, I used black leather dye on mine it appears to be holding up but I found you should clear coat it as a little of the black will rub off.
I found this out when I had a black line across my fore head
By J_Brickman
One of the first hurdles I realized I'd have to overcome, is the vinyl facemask of the goggles. Spraypaint doesn't stick really well to it, as many of you probably already know. My solution was to use Vinyl Dye Spray, that can be found in an automotive store. It is specifically designed to adhere to plastic parts like bumpers and trim. You can also try a Krylon adhesion promoter, but I found that it dried too slowly for my tastes. Vinyl Dye drys quickly, and can be sparaypainted over with garden vareity spray paint. It will be a better solution, in my opinon, than just leaving it bare.

Anyway, my apologies if this has ben contributed already. I'll post pics of my finished goggles soon.

What color vinyl dye did you use? Did you paint and/or matte clear coat over it? Also, I've noticed that a lot of goggles are colored in OD, but some black. The trouble is I've seen pics of Ray wearing goggles in both colors too. I guess it's just personal preference...
By majspence
Ok, alot of people have stated similar advise but Im painting my goggles and here's how my experience went... I have the standard goggles that most people buy. They were soft vinyl, cost about 15 bucks. I used white rustoleum primer and then rust-oleum (or however you spell it lol) oregano spray paint, the can says it sticks to everything....WELL....i had the same issue where it was super sticky, I ended up getting a pieve of paper stuck to it after 2 days of drying. My friend tried to help me and we used multiple coats but i finally ended up giving up and buying new goggles.


This time I washed the goggles with dawn and water, then rubbed 100% denatured alcohol which I found in the paint section at home depot. I then used 400 grain sand paper and went over the entire surface. at this point I could already feel a difference in the vinyl and was very hopeful. I then used the same white primer, sprayed a coat, waited 15 min and sprayed another coat. I did this for about 4 coats. I thin let that dry for 30min-1 hour and used some camo paint that I got at a pep boys ( i decided to not use the same paint and the new paint states it can be used on hard vinyl) I covered it once, let it sit about an hour and then went over it again. So far there is no issue and it's not sticky at all. fells pretty darn good.

NOW my question is....if it all feels dry should I put some form of clear coat on it? I have a spray can of laquer but i asked 5 store employees if it would work. they all said yes but im really doubtful if they really know. Is a clear coat needed and if so what would you use? im afraid this can of laquer isnt the right thing and will ruin my so far perfect redo.

any advice?
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By LandoSystem
You may be over-complicating it.
I sprayed it with a layer or two of dark gray krylon primer. Let it set for an hour and a half or so.
Then I added a few layers of krylon talian olive and let it set for over an hour. I used italian olive because I had some leftover, and it's readily available at wal-mart.
The paint was still tacky.
I sprayed on several thin layers of clear krylon. I held the can at a distance to cover the goggles with a mist. I added several layers, waiting an hour or more between coats.
After this step I was able to handle the goggles fine.
Lastly I misted it with flat black to dull and darken it to a more OD green color.
They've held up great so far. I've not had them long but I've worn them for hours and hours at a con. I wore them nearly an entire day at work to "try them out" (to see how they fit, how long the battery lasted for the electronics, to see how comfy/uncomfy they were, etc). I've tossed them around, they've hung from my belt, I've super glued them, added JB weld and cut holes in them and done just about anything else you can imagine and they aren't tacky, flaky, cracked or anything else.
Total investment, even if you count the glue and paint I already had, was probably less than $20.

I'd say you were adding layers too quickly and adding too much paint with each layer. 15 minutes between layers isn't enough time at all. I'd say even an hour between layers probably isn't even long enough, but it worked for me.
I made mine in temperate weather, relative high humidity with fair temperatures, at night and outside.
By majspence
Well if I can overcomplicate it then I'll find a way. My 2nd method, doing the primer after 15 minutes, worked. I did wait abit longer for the actual paint. They are actually fine now and if I didnt miss a few tiny places I would be completely done witht he actual paint but i didnt cover up under the vents as well as I thought I did. I think the key is washing and sanding them properly. at least for the material my goggle is made of. I'm still just worried about using this can of laquer. I'll properly just go and get some clear krylon to be safe....afte I goggle where to find this of course. I literally am learning all of this as I goggle.
By Silvertek
I found that if I washed and used nail polish remover before I painted them they came out absolutely fine. After a week or so they started getting tacky. I think this is because the cheap vinyl used in the goggles is secreting oil into the paint. I might try a clear coat on top.

I will say that having them in the workshop where its dusty, and they get bumped around a bit made them just look weathered which is nice, and the dust helped a bit with the tackiness and added that used look to them.
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By redfive1973
So anyone else live in a really humid area? I am in Louisiana and I did one set and they are still sticky. Only been two days and I just did a second set this morning. First set I just sprayed with the Krylon Italian Olive. Second set I washed, sanded and painted using some of the advice I've found on here about spraying further away and thinner coats also using the same paint. It is not as tacky. I have them both outside not in direct sun. Will still have to do a second coat on both. Brand of goggles I am using for both is from Home Depot the Lincoln Electric Deluxe Brazing Goggles Model #KH625. Looks like what most folks use. I did not prime either set. Anything else I can do other than just wait it out and work on one of the other props till the paint sets?

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