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By EctoMini
I don't have the budget for a Storm Pro (especially as I don't think they're stocked in the UK) so I'm wondering what other options I have for giving the EctoMini a siren.

So far I've found a cheap and cheerful alarm siren with a record function, or I could hide some car speakers on the roofrack and hook them up to an mp3 player. Not sure how loud either one would work out, so if anyone has any experience, advice, recommendations, I'm happy to hear them!
By D1gger
I found the Storm Pro 100w siren by itself with no speaker, no wiring and no switches, brand new for just over $100. I picked up a Federal Dynamax siren speaker used from eBay for $30 and some inexpensive switches for a couple bucks and just added some speaker wire and was done with a full siren for under $150. It's tough to beat the performance of a real siren for that price by the time you collect an MP3 player, speaker, amp, etc. It all adds up quickly.
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By EctoMini
Unfortunately, unless by some miracle I find a Storm Pro for sale in the UK, I think I'll be stuck with some form of amplified MP3 player. Or, for now, silence.
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By Sav C
Would a bluetooth speaker work while the car was moving? I don't have much experience so I'm not sure if would end up being loud enough. If it would then you wouldn't have to worry about wires or anything, you just need a bluetooth MP3 player and speaker. I'm pretty sure I've seen water proof bluetooth speakers, so the weather wouldn't be a concern if that's the case. It would probably be cheaper than getting an amp and speakers and CD/MP3 player. I'm not sure about prices of a real siren.

...Or you could lean out the window and make siren noises. ;)

I'm sure I've said this before, but I really like your EctoMini!
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By Interceptor9C1
I have a regular car audio amplifier hooked to 2 outdoor speakers in roof rack. Input to the amp is a cable that uses headphone jack in my phone converting to RCA jack to amp. So just play siren and whatever through my phone.
By steel-and-fire
Yeah, I am in the same boat.
Realized the speaker I connected to my CB radio won't cut the mustard. Now, I am trying to put together something that will mp3 the siren and also music for around $100, all in. Think I'm being optimistic, but this is one of those topics I have no expertise in.
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