By scouttrooper

here are some pics of my 1st Kenner Ecto-1 custom car.Hope you like it.


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By scouttrooper
Hi CaptCyan,
the Lightbar are really cool I thought.And Playmobil sells them in the onlineshop.( in Yellow light too)
Most of the other roofpieces are from playmobil too.
- the radar Dish
- Lights front and back on the roof ( orginal black, I painted it silver)
- the yellow tanks on the left. The big Tank right is a medical Pill box.The speaker in the middle of the roof is Playmobil too.
- Ladder on the right side is Playmobil and the computer , Phone and maglite inside the Car.
I should post another Pic I think. I do it soon.

Greetings scouttrooper :-P
By scouttrooper
a little more pics about my ecto-1. You can see the Playmobil-Parts I used for the roof and the soundsystem inside the car. ( got a big boom box ) :cool:




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By deekman
Oh... I hate these threads. I have an Ecto on my desk and seeing people customize them makes me want to tear mine apart go to town on it. Seriously, it looks awesome especially with the Playmobil pieces.
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By Spooky
Kingpin wrote:Direct linking to flickr doesn't work. You have to rehost them at a place like Imageshack.

You can link from flickr Image

Great work btw! looks awesome
By Mr. Ghostbuster
The car looks great except for one thing. Winston...does not...ride...SHOTGUN!

Whoa...sorry. What were we talking about?
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Looking great dude