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By valentino_42
...or should I say Ecto Cozy Coupe.

Just got done finishing this beauty up for a Halloween parade for my daughter.


I used flexible blue electrical conduit for the side fuel hose. I was originally planning on blue vacuum hose from Lowes, but I just couldn't justify spending around $10 for the short amount I'd need. The conduit was only a few dollars. In total, I think I spent $30 on the whole project (thanks to finding a very old hand-me-down cozy coupe and having a bunch of spare junk on hand).

The decals and license plates are printed on weather-proof avery address labels left over from my proton pack. I used a bit of extra spray adhesive to help hold them on. Overall, they look great.



Due to size constraints, I had to combine and omit items from the roof rack. You can see I've got some PVC pipe, a bowl for my modified radar dish, an electrical box, and the light is made with a pencil case. I also got some blue reflectors for the front blue "lights".


Inside the pencil case are a pair of strobe lights (that didn't photograph very well) and three bright blue leds (that you can kind of see up towards the front of the case). At any rate, they are much brighter in person.

For sound, we're going to sit an ipod with an external speaker in the rear "trunk" area playing Ghostbusters theme covers and Ecto Siren effects.

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By Vee
That is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time. I literally squealed with delight.

Nicely done, sir.
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By Boomerjinks
Every once in a while someone comes along with an ecto pedal car or power wheels for their kids, it always sounds like a great idea but the execution is usually lackluster. Shitty masking or a bad paint job, or awful decals.

Yours is clean and classy and organized and awesome. Good job!
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By Teamhair
That is the most adorable thing EVER!!! Makes me almost wish I had kids so I could have one. :)
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By ectoBLUES85
**Sigh** If only I were a kid again... I would be driving that Cozy Coupe everywhere I go!! Very very excellent job!
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By valentino_42
Very cool indeed.

Your daughter will be the queen of the parade :)

I'm assuming she'll be in full GB gear as well?

Yeah, she's got a RGB "inspired" bright pink number she'll be showing off.

Here's the pack she's gonna wear when she's not in the car: ... =2&t=22460
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By belldandy4087
that is awesome!
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Haha, I LOVE it! Every time I'd see one of these, I'd think, "That would make a cute Ecto for a child." Well done, mister!
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By Mat
:lol: I love it!

I have visions of videos of daddy having to be cut out of it, broadcasted via FHV for some reason.

Great work!
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