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By RickH
Hey dudes,

I posted this over at GBN a couple of weeks ago, but I know a lot of you don't read the GBN forums so I'm gonna post it here as well just for general interest.

There's a guy in Queensland that uses a "Ghostbusters" 1960 MM Ambulance as a work van for his electrician company. It was featured on a television show in Brisbane, and the story is also on their website: ... ryID=11765

Also, while browsing the QLD Cadillac Club website, I found that this guy was also a member and his car is featured on the site: ... ryID=11765

Check out the "Unusual Cadillacs" section as well for pictures of it competing in a car rally in outback Australia.

Have a happy new year!
By CagedReality
Pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.
By dustin993
I like the "almost" 59 look of the 60. The only thing I don't like is the shaved wings. However, seeing it painted to look like an ecto has really changed my opinion on that. A 59 is always better, but the 60 doesn't look half bad.
By jettajeffro
I found a '60 MM a couple of years ago for sale when I first moved to Phoenix. It was perfect except the interior, I'm sure if I actually had the $25,000 the guy wanted I would have converted it. The only big difference with it was that it had the suicide doors like venkman71's.
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By gbmatt
now if i couldnt get a 59 and all...i would definately settle for that cos it is really close looking...u still cant beat the look of the 59's fins tho...thats what i love about em

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