By stanztheman
You'd prolly have to go to a custom paint place with the image on a disk to actually have it PAINTED onto the car. If you want magnets, take that same disk and go to a custom sign place, I scored my magnets for 30 bucks apiece.
By Dr. Ray Stantz
Or if you wanted to be much cheaper and not ruin your cars paint over a period of time. Get a high res color version on the logo and print it out. Cut and paste on to thin poster board and then hot glue magnets to the back. There. Smaller magnets and your fine. You can take it on and off. I was going to get a larger magnet one made myself at one point, then I found out how magnets will really mess up you paint job... :(
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By UltimateGBfan
Or if you are making a permanent Ecto-1,then go to a car decal place and have decals made to be put on it.
By ice11red
Did you get that car off ebay? I was looking at something very similiar to that on ebay a couple of months ago. It was going for a really good price, only about $1500.
By Bellevue-Ghostbuster
thanks for all the advice everyone. It is very appreciated

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