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By abaddon5
Alright, here's a question for all of you gurus out there: does anyone know what the license plates on the pre-restoration Ecto read (the black and primer one seen in GB1)? I'm building all of them as a progression series and accuracy is something I'm very anal about. Thanks in advance!
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By Sav C
To be honest I don't think they plates are even visible once the lighting and motion blur are factored in. I believe that car was rented just for that shot so the license plate is probably undocumented.
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By Kingpin
Should anyone still be interested, it looks like the plate on the car prior to it being refitted as Ecto-1 may have been revealed:

To summarise the video: A chap named Roger Bay came forward as the owner of the "primer" car that was loaned for the production, and it was kitted out with prop licence plates for the film (as it was registered in Chicago at the time - which is why the car had red and green roof lights), bearing the registration: 2785-FEM

Here's a study image, made by Alex Newborn:


Some of Roger Bay's credentials: Link
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