By peter10ns
using a 2009 Dodge caravan. Yes, I just said that with a straight face. Haven't exactly figured out how to post pictures here from Facebook. At any rate i am only finding roof lights on eBay that are about the size of a shoebox. I'm wondering if anybody knows what I'm doing wrong, trying to find something a little bit bigger similar to what they used in the movie, even if it's a long wight roof light that's not too expensive. There's Claudie of options for about $40. That are about the size of like I said, shoebox, but nobody seems to have anything around a foot or 2 feet long inward urge to a rotisserie roof light option.i have something already in mind in Returns to the roof racks and Virgo unit. Those two things were easy enough to figure out.the body stickers. There's a few options get wise on eBay just a matter of finding out which ones will match size wise to the doors. Unfortunately, the band that I have as molding in the middle of the door so I've got a find a sticker kit that will fit above the door molding. My van originally was outfitted with a roof light which somebody decided to relocate. So that's part of the reason I'm looking for another roof light.not going out and spending 10 grand doing this i could've bought a screen accurate replica of the 2016 movie vehicle on eBay for about 12,000 needless to say, nobody on eBay was touching it.jest doing this with a Dodge Caravan that I'm going to be using as a utility vehicle and wanted to have a bit of fun rather than just running around other plain white van. More than likely I'll end up having to use a small center roof rotisserie like because sulfur on not having any success getting any information on something bigger. If anybody's got any suggestions for a full-size roof light. Let me know. Preferably would like to find one in white, you can't have a vehicle on the road here with a blue roof light unless you cover it up while driving the vehicle they are pretty particular about that. I've literally Artie been pulled over being accused for having blue headlights and end up into a half an hour argument where I had to go dig out the receipt just approve the headlights were white and not blue on a previous vehicle I had. They are pretty particular here in Nova Scotia that you can't have anything with blue lights on it. If there are visible while it's moving down the road. So would prefer something white or orange that way I don't have to keep it covered up when I'm not sitting in a parking lot.
By BRD 527
do a little research on the maker and model number for the light bar you want it makes searching on ebay so much easier. You could get a Code3 MX7000 pretty cheep they look similer to the Code3 Force XL lightbars used on ecto 1 and are a lot easier to work on and get parts for. Also on the cheeper side would be a Whelen Edge 9000 which is the strobe lightbar that was added to Ecto1A in GBII that one they had Blue/Amber/Green but you can also get lenses in clear or purple and set them up in whatever combo you like fairly easily they also come in various lengths you would prob want 48" or less anything more would be hanging over the sides

As for the stickers I got a set off ebay for $35 so far have only put the door stickers on I too have door mouldings I measured the height of the moulding with the door open and then used a T square and razor blade to cut a strip out of the stickers when I applied them to the doors above/below the moulding I tucked the edge behind the moulding You cant even tell

My car is a white 1994 Ford Crown Victoria lol :love:
I done have any lights on it right now but it only takes like 15 minutes to install the mounts and the lightbar I have a Amber Federal Signal Aerodynic that came with the car and also a Green/Amber Whelen Edge
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By Veeb0rg
I've found quite a few lightbars forsale locally on facebook for cheap. Search for terms like police lights, lightbar, light bar, code 3, federal signal etc. You'll find something. I even managed to find a 48inch code 3 force 4 xl bar listed for $150. Its red but still..

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