By Diehardest13
Just found this on eBay but no information ANYWHERE!

same company at the BTTF DeLorean going to cost a bit but at 31 inches long this is gonna be massive!

Also with the DeLorean if you subscribe you always get good extras so I would assume that we will be getting an ectopic number plate

Also they did an upgrade service where every couple of issues if you paid a bit more you got a collected hardback copy of an IDW BTTF comic so this will hopefully be the same

This should be out soon as issue 2 is out sometime in SeptemberImageImageImage
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By Theoderic
Looking nice indeed,

you may want to check Kingpin's post right there: viewtopic.php?f=54&t=44750

(uhm...yeah - i'll probably be known as "the guy who always find something to gripe about" from now on) ...

What's buggin me about this is: they've apparently made this model kit referenced from the actual officially "restored" ECTO-1, which has (compared to the car in the actual '84 & '89 movies) a few inaccuracies like:
- siren grill upside down (ok - that would be an easy fix of course, plus: it's ok for the '89 GBII-version afaik)
- fan& holder&radome-mast painted black instead of white
- wrong color of the sniffer-box
....aand the somewhat more serious problem (becaus this can't be fixed as easy like a paintjob) is:
- the got the darn wrong (54") front blue lightbar instead of the 48" - meh :-?

Sorry for nut-picking, this might still be an overall nice model-kit to collect, in case one isn't overly obsessed with the movie-accuracy

In the end it might be a bit pricy, any info on how may issues will be there until the full build?


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