By DeLoreanDMC81
Hey everyone, I just had a quick question for you.

So I'm in the process of possibly getting a 1959 M+M Hearse. I told a few friends of mine that I was in the process of this done, and they flipped. They said that if I do end up getting it they want to rent it for some events they are planning in a few months.

They want me to put together a price for them on what to charge.

I thought I'd throw it out to everyone and see what you thought? Especially since I'm sure some of you rent yours out for things like this.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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By Kingpin
I'm not a car owner, but a couple of things that come to mind are the cost of gas (plus any parking fees that might be required for the location the car's going to), as well as some general "insurance" coverage, in case people bend, break, scrape/scratch (or, heaven forbid, steal) something from your car.
By DeLoreanDMC81
I don't see any pricing for his Ecto, but if it's anything like his DeLorean, that's a lot of money he's charging. But I guess if people are willing to pay.

By mwilkinson
I also wonder where you would stand with copyright infringement?

Not sure how brand use for commercial gain stands in the US, but here in the UK it would likely be an issue.

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