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By RicoRedstar
So I just got a white 2005 Nissan Xterra that I want to convert into an Ecto. It has a nice roof rack on it to start with, but I'm not sure how to proceed. From start to finish on the roof, I'm completely stumped. Can I get some help?
By bspace
Here's a link to another xtera thread on the forum I'm not sure how to link it

I would suggest getting a roof cargo basket simmilar to this


You can put attach all the goodies to it and have it removable if needed. Attach the hoses to the basket and have them magnet to to the side of the truck
You don't necessarily need full light bars as a strip of tri colour led tape shining through a piec of frosted plexiglass would provide a great effect and can be programmed for different sequences.
Keep it light (check your max cargo capacity)and waterproof and make sure to securely bolt everything (use nylons nuts

Hope this helps have fun
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By RicoRedstar
The Xterra has a pretty good roof rack to start with, what I really need is a list of the stuff that should be on it. like the argon tank, Freon tanks, and all the bits in the middle
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By SpaceBallz
^^^ what these guys said. The other Ecto mobile builders had to get their roof racks custom made from a welder because they wanted it to be as accurate to the film as possible (which is normal if you actually have a '59 caddy). To be honest, the general public won't know the different as long as you make it look believable. Be creative. :)

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