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By section33
Has anyone ever tackled put a roof unit onto the top of there ecto without damaging it, mine uses magnetic decals as its a borrowed car, i was just wondering and what sort of equipment to have on it as well?
By ecto_skywalker
:lol: When I read the topic "ecto rack" and the first line of the post was "Has anyone ever tackled..." :shock:

Well... :lol:
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By section33
yeh it did sound like that and wow my post makes no sense i typed it really quickly at work whilst my boss wasnt looking.... it should say

Has anyone ever tackled attaching a roof unit onto the top of there ecto without damaging it, the one for my fanfilm is a borrowed car, i was just wondering if anybody had any advisce on how to build/design/attach a unit and what sort of equipment to have on it as well?
By Ecto96
Well working for radio shack and dumpster diving I'm getting all kinds of cool stuff. Of course ya gotta have roofracks, and such, I just got a free satellite dish for my roofrack but won't attach it until the sequel GBJS II. I'm planning on making mine look a little ecto 1 and a little of my own innovations for functionality on wiring hookups and stuff. My roof rack will probably have 4-6 95lb magnets, and probably put some sort of thin cloth underneath them to keep them from scratching the living shit out of my roof, as well as using a tie down strap through the windows to keep it from sliding around, hope this helps.
By uscm buzz
Why dont you got the a sporting good store and buy a pair of those ski racks.. the clamp on the sides of the roof.. so you can carry skis or surf boards.. then all you do is mount the roof rack to it.. the clamps are covered in rubber so not to damage anything..
By Ecto96
That's what I've been thinking about, but they stand too high from the roof, as well as too wide from the sides of it.. Though if I use a ski rack, I suppose then I would be able to do a full 6' roof rack.. Hm.. I dunno, I was planning on building a down-scale one I dunno. Last night I got this sweet ass ipod thing from the dumpster, I'm going to peel off the ipod stickers, leaving me with an oval-shaped white plastic tube. Some advertising paintings on the sides, couple 12V 40W lights in there and some new caps, and one hell of a cool and original sign on top of the roof rack. I think I am going to look into those ski racks though. They just look.. Too big for the car from what I've seen, besides, are ski racks even made for mustangs? What kinda idiot takes a mustang up into the mountains where there's ice and snow? Surfing I can see but.. SKiiing? You gotta be friggin nuts. These are not cold-weather cars, beleive it.
By Ecto96
Okay, can some of you guys give me links or help me look for luggage racks that grab onto mustang roofs? Remember, it only looks like the car has upper supports on the doors, but that's an illusion, that's actually part of the roof that goes up over the windows, they are like convert windows. I'd appreciate some help guys, thanks!
By Dr. Ray Stantz
Where would you go about buying a luggage rack?
By Ecto96
I'm not sure.. I've freakin searched the internet all night long last night, found like, 2 things, 1 of which was way too expensive, the other was found and I swear to god on the website it was found but not clickable, but then not found, even after it told me how easily it hooked onto the mustang and then how great it was... wtf..

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