By neverhart
Hey everyone - first post!

First off, thanks to everyone here for their tireless work - I got started on my Proton Pack last year and with yall's help and resources got enough done to wear it for Halloween.

I'm working on a custom Arduino solution for the lights and sound, and wondering if anyone's done any movie timing references for the various blinking lights/lighting animation? For example: for the regular standby mode, I've got each of the 14 power cell bargraph lights lighting for 66ms.

(Apologies if this information is on the site, I've been searching the forums and can't find it.)

If not, I guess I have a project ahead of me and will post anything I discover! Thanks! -n
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By CountDeMonet
There are a few posts around here that discuss the lighting and switch functions on the wand. Seems they were not consistent in the movies. There is a lot of artistic license we can use. We

Here's my code if you wanna see what I ended up with.

Edit: found the posts in my thread where I was asking a similar questions ... 5#p4898805

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