By abaka
I have the Gbfans soundboard and I'm just wondering what lights are the best/easiest to connect to the board.

I've read jupiter electronics feedback thread and some members have mentioned getting them to do custom mofications which appeals to me. I'm just wondering how easy or difficult are these lights to connect to the GBfans soundboard....Do I need to change switches do I need to have seperate batteries.

I know this may seem a stupid question but electronics really fries my main component in my head (Pun intended)
By abaka
AJ Quick wrote:The GBFans light kit.

I don't suppose you'd care to elaborate any more info on when that kit may happen?

I'd love to have something similar to what Spongeface demonstrated in the videos but I'm hoping to have my pack kitted out fully by end of this summer. Do you reckon that this kit if it happens can happen by about August like the sound kit lasr year?

Thx! I kinda feel I got some devil dog in there.

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