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By csullivan1980
I love my Matty Wand but I admit after my first outing in my pack I wanted a real looking thrower and bought a TC kit. The Matty is a great temp wand but it is basically a toy/show piece.

Pyhanson is right, a TC kit is a great option for only a little more. Plus you can get decal rubs with the kit and two options for the front grip.

Ejgunther87 makes a great Matty V-hook that compliments any pack.
By manonarock
Hi all, can anyone tell me if this list has been updated and is complete? I've been wanting to start my own pack build for some time and had been waiting on Anovos to launch their complete pack kit but after having read quite a few negatives about them and their source material have decided to start sourcing the parts/materials and construction advice from GBFans. I'd prefer to build as accurate a screen prop replica as possible (with the addition of vapor venting) so if anyone can point me in the right direction i'd be most grateful. Also, is there a definitive construction guide/blueprints available on here? Thanks in advance!
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By Christof
There's not really any plans or guides to show you how to build a pack step-by-step. The master parts list is indeed very useful, it helped me personally learn all the parts, their names, and how they fit together, as well as budgetting my build. Really, you should just start reading everything you can, the closest to a guide you'll really find are other's build threads. Ooh, and the section index thread is insanely useful for researching build stuff viewtopic.php?f=2&t=28621
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By Christof
The parts list kind of assumes your doing a scratch build, and really it depends on the shell you go with. I can say from experience if you plan on building with a GBFans shell then there are quite a few redundant items listed, like your Sync Generator would be built into the shell already. Thankfully, the individual parts that can be ordered from other makers are also listed and linked on the parts list as well. Using this list and a not so obvious wiki page right here on GBFans, bladow, that is exactly how I taught myself all those parts and where they go.
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By Kingpin
Is there a list of part numbers for the original legris parts ?
A quick glance at the reference page for the various Legris pieces provides some insight.

The elbows
1st generation, 4mm-5/32 (3109 is listed as a product number, but this number appears to cover a variety of the elbows, not just the 4mm version)

The banjos
4mm-5/32, Part No. 50-55020

The straight connectors
4mm-5/32, Part No. 3175
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