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By Vincenzo330
Yesterday Kind2311, xtrmn8r17 and myself took a visit to Sony Studios for the sole purpose of bringing you all these pictures. There are 2 proton packs on display in the main lobby. The one in the smaller case is a completely cast pack used in Ghostbusters 2. The pack in the larger case on the mannequin is a hero pack used in both Films.


Sony Lobby Proton Pack

Sony Lobby Proton Pack #2
By BlkMesaHero
VinC for the WIN. Thanks guys!
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By | alkaline |
Wow, there are so many random rivets and hex head bolts all over the pack. Im sure they are holding electronics or something inside. These photos are great. Thanks guys.... PS great "Double Triple C thumbs Up" picture :D
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By Vincenzo330
Glad you like them! We aim to please :) Sorry about the giant wall of pictures, I thought I was posting thumbnails. I should have also mentioned earlier that these can all be downloaded at once in the main gallery page. ... o%20Packs/

I'm pretty sure they'll download in full size too!
By GhostGuy
Click. Download.
Click. Download.
Click. Download.
Click. Download.

(repeat 100 times)

Click. Download.
I should have also mentioned earlier that these can all be downloaded at once in the main gallery page.
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It seems like every time I see screen used stuff, I learn something new...

Very enlightening!

I can't believe how beat up that stuff is! I mean...a thrower barrel falls off and you don't pick it up in transit or whatever?!

Still, holy grail epic...thanks for sharing!
You guys have done the community a great service. That pic of you guys at the front of the glass is epic. I had the same look on my face just looking at the pictures. If I was there I would have been drooling,lol. It just sucks that you cant touch! Seeing the originals just makes ya wanna touch them so bad. Its a shame the way some of the equiptment looks. I hope they do better taking care of the stuff next time around. We need a Ghostbusters museum damn it,
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By | alkaline |
Hmm. Looking at the photos again, it looks like the "nips" on the EDA disks are pop rivets. You can see a mound with a tiny hole in the center of the nip. Thoughts?

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