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By janderson0719
What size ribbon loop clamp should I use? I have the one sold from GBfans shop and it seems waaay too small for my ribbon. I have a madeinsocal's GB 1 ribbon and I know for a fact it's not gonna fit.
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By Solid Malice
I bought one the other night at Lowe's now that I'm starting a pack... And since I work in the hardware dept and all I've been doing is seeing what corners I can cut too. I got the 1", Should be in Hardware in the speciality drawers. Hillman does all those parts/drawers so it's going to be in drawer K9 (yeah it doesn't change store to store). Also I'm skipping out on Clippard barbs for 90 Degree Grease Fittings Metric 10-1.00, drawer J9.
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By Phish4dinner
Of all the photos of his gb1 Ribbon Cables i've seen used in various build threads, each one has the normal loop clamp.. You must be doing something a little off. Try using some cable wire ties to keep it twisted as you work your way up and hook it before you go out and spend money on a non-screen used part :-D

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By Spengler28
I looked to buy a 1" Clamp from a local companie and they have 2 models

Both are 1' but one are 3/4" wide with a .41" mounting hole and the other 9/16" wide with a 17/64" mouning hole (seem too small for the 10-32 allen screw but can be re-drilled)


Bad news i must buy a pack of 10 but they are not so expensive, i could offer them to the shop or member.

I know a lot of you will say they can buy them in their local hardware store but here in Quebec its another story, at leat in my hometown :P
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By janderson0719
check out Lowes or Home depot. I forget what section they are in but ask someone to direct you to the rubber cushioned steel clamps. they have many different sizes. I want to say I went with either the 1" or 1/2".
I work at Home Depot myself. I know they have the exact rubber clamps in the Electrical dept. I'll probably buy a 3/4 or 1 inch clamp for my cable. I'm far from crossing that bridge but thanks everyone for the input.

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