By Mike Witt
Hello id like to try and start a thread where everyone can talk about the stunt packs in gb1 & 2. It only seems right with nick-a-tron making stunt packs now. Im also kinda trying to see some good referance pics since i ordered one and would like to add what it needs to be movie accurate. still debating if its going to be gb1 or 2. I already have a gb1 pack and a video game pack in the progress, so im leaning towards gb2 with this one. anyways any help with referance pics would help.
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By nick-a-tron
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Go gb2. My kit is based on the gb2 stunts :) oh and mike if things go ok with a mould I'm making right now you'll be getting an little surprise gift with your kit.
By Mike Witt
Awesome can't wait to see what it is
By Mike Witt
thanks for the pics. kinda gives me an idea of what is attached to the pack.

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