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By timspork
Hey all! So I planned to do a whole build log but forgot and ended up just Building my pack. I do have pictures of the various stages to show off.

First off a little background. I'm pretty new to to this prop making stuff. I made a resin kit Farscape Pulse Pistol but that involved gluing a few parts together and spraying it black. I am familiar with small scale stuff and I'm a pretty avid Imperial Guard player in the Warhammer 40k Table Top game seen here is part of my 17,000 points of Imperial Guard all of which I painted by hand.
This Post Contains Spoilers

I'm also not afraid of costumes. I do War of 1812 and WW1 reenacting seen here,
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and here,
This Post Contains Spoilers

I've been an avid Ghostbusters fan my whole life. I was one when I was five in 1989 for Halloween. The Matty's stuff really made me realize that having my own Proton Pack was not out of the question. Since I had the matty PKE and Trap I decided to do a pack-less Ghostbuster for Halloween. I came to this site looking for a trap holster and ended up building a Pack. :) (I also got an amazing trap holster from momeraths24.)

With that out of the way let's get to my Pack!

This website has been a massive help is not only getting the parts but providing details on how to do thing.
My Parts:
The Shell and Motherboard are fabulous ones I got from DL4567.
The vast majority of the parts are from Nick-A-Tron and Multimediamayhem.
Various parts from GBFans.
ThrowingChicken v3. Thrower kit.
Pack and Gun lights from Crix
Sounds from GBfans soundboard.

All pictures are from my iPhone so apologies. My real camera is kaput.

Begun working on the Thrower as that was first to arrive.

Shell and parts begin arriving.

For the texture I went with the ceiling spray. I was dry fitting parts and some have only been primed. I had a hell of a time with the paint since I was over eager and did not let the original primer set up long enough. This is after most of the parts were re-sanded and re-primed.

More dry fitting.

Pre-Labels and lights.

Thrower mostly complete. I originally had built a system to extend the barrel but gave up on it to give the electronics more room. Just need to polish the bar graph cover a bit, I made it too opaque, and install the white hat light next to the Clippard when I get it.

Pre-dirt. I am going for what I call a Franchise Look. This means it's not a specific pack but a new one made for a new Ghostbuster in a different city. That way I could pick and choose a few features I liked, for example the gray crank knob with the GB2 cable.

Post dirt. I used Fullers Earth. I'm going to work on the dirt a bit more to clean it up a little. It's pretty scratch free as I'm going to let it wear naturally overtime. I just wanted dust on it to bring out some of the detail and make it look like it was built and waiting in storage until sent to a new guy after the franchise paperwork was signed.

Finally I have a video of the lights and sounds. Holding the phone steady while doing it was not easy so apologies again. The sounds are a little muffled as I probably could have drilled larger speaker holes in the motherboard. I actually have the Crix soundboard as well but decided on using the GBfans board since it had the build in amp and volume control. Plus I still have the Crix board if something ever goes wrong with the GBfans board.

Well that's it! I'm really happy with how it turned out. It isn't as good as some of the other amazing packs you guys on here make, but I am good with it none the less. Plus I can always tweak it down the road.

Thanks to everyone I got parts from. You guys do amazing work!
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