By Tachyon
Hey guys,

I thought it was about time I posted up about my wonderful pack building journey. I've spent the last few months researching the build, and buying the uniform. I decided to take the plunge on a DL4567 shell and mobo and received them last friday :D Along with my nick-a-tron pack and gun kit, I also scored a MMM Ion Arm, mounting kit and some other bits from him.

I started marking out the drill holes tonight, but ran out of time to take photos. I did have some questions when marking it out though, how many of the mounting bolts should go at the top of the pack, on the Gun Mount and the EDA? I've been following Steffan's plans, but he calls for two bolts in these places I think, most other builds I"ve only seen one bolt in this place. Not too sure if I'm interpreting the plans correctly. Also, where the smaller loom connects to the gearbox, should I drill a hole for this or mount a piece of pipe for the loom to fit over? I think that question is a bit of a noob one, but it's something I haven't been able to decide on. And one more question, the mobo I have sticks out from the shell just a little. I was going to leave it, but then I saw on some other builds that pack was sitting flush with the mobo. What is the general consensus on this? The sticky-outy bit isn't alot, so I'm not sure if a jigsaw will be too much to use, but it's too big to sit there with a file. I'll get a pic up tomorrow to show what I mean.

Hopefully I'll get some pics up tomorrow. Any feedback so far though would be awesome.
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By aceblackbelt
An easy way to secure the loom is to cut a 1 to 2 inch piece of doll rod the fits snuggly into the loom, drill a lug nut through the center of it, as well as through the shell ( be sure to use a washer on the inside of the pack for support). Now you should have a little nub in which the loom can slip over. You can epoxy it on to that. Same goes for the area where it connects to the top of the cyclotron, but for that one you will also have a pvc collar that will fit over the loom and the doll rod.

Checkout Tyrael's build: ... =2&t=25701
By Tachyon
Alrighties, sorry about the delay for photos. I spent most of today working on my pack, I'm quite happy with it so far, just really spent the day drilling and tapping holes though.

This was it this morning, and my box of goodies next to it :)

Image Image

Got the N-filter and Ion Arm Box bolted;

Image Image Image Image

And the pack gets a visit from Mr. Drill;


Then found out that I didn't have the correct tap for the bolts for the Ion arm. So it was off to bunnings (Australia's Home Depot) to get a new tap and some dowel for the 1/4 inch loom.

I returned triumphant, but this is where things went downhill. The Bunning's tap lived upto it's name, and the resin destroyed the thread within two turns. Stupid Bunnings products, yet another one for the returns department (is it funny the main reason for the trip was to return a chainsaw?). So in light of this failure, I cracked out the drill and file and got to work on the n-filter and power cell. This is where I am tonight;


Any suggestions for drilling the top three n-filter holes? Or just get a round file?
By Tachyon
Another update, got the shell mounted to the frame and mobo today, as well as mounting the HGA and SMC elbows. Also, all my pics are thumbnails to larger sized images.

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Also, if anyone can tell me how to secure the torch to the straps of the frame, that would be awesome!
By Tachyon
Filled out the n-filter holes some more today, drilled holes in the ion arm resistors for tubes and started work on the gun body.

Image Image Image Image Image

Yep, going to cut that yellow hose down a bit when I do the other hoses. Made a whoopsies on the heatsink though. Drilled the holes and then realized my bolts were too big... so I filed down the corner fins a bit, I don't mind the new look but I know it isn't cannon. Might have to get a new heat sink down the road.


There we are. The last of the parts I need have been shipped, so hopefully I'll get the filler, injector, booster pipes and friends during the week, and the last greebs for my gun body before the amp and lights arrive and then I should be right on schedule. After reading this thread; ... 42&t=27249 I'm also planning on making the gun body rumble while firing. But I'll be using the rumble motors from a PS2 controller ;)

Two more questions to add to the list, what kind of angle should I attach the v-hook to the pack on? I was going to go GB1 cannon, but with a GB2 cable, and a GB1 Ion Arm, I figure I'll add the angle in so it's easier to take out and put away the wand. Just not 100% sure what angle to put it on. And, fake weld for the Ion Arm? I like it clean and angular, but I know weld is cannon. If I do go with weld I was thinking of dremelling out a groove down the corners and pumping a bit of hot glue in there. Has anyone had success with this before? Time to do some more research :)

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