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By idfraser
One more thing that I would like to ask the GBFANS community. In the elevator in GB1, ray asks for his pack to be switched on. Egon reaches over near where the powercell is, and flips a switch to turn rays pack on. Is there supposed to be a power switch around or near the powercell?
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By Alan Hawkins
If you search the forums, you will find that there are more than a few threads that cover your question.

The consensus is that there is no button, it was just done for that one scene for effect.

Jeffreys pack has a 40watt amp. So he can actually take advantage of the speakers in there. But if I had the chance to go back and redo it all again I would do two small 4" speakers as there would be little difference in sound quality, but a great advantage of having more room in the pack. The last pack I built just had the one speaker from the gbfans shop and it sounds great.

tl;dr - Small is better.
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By bamagb85
Hey Alan what type of aluminum paint did you use on the shell?
I know you mentioned Plastikote T8 during the painting of the shell. Looks like that is the satin black. Just curious about the aluminum paint! It looks awesome!
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