By abaka
Yeah, I've got another 2 from him, one is far too dark and the other is far too light. Plus when you add the flash variance, the colour is even more of a mismatch.
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By mburkit
Honestly, because of the multiple manufacturers and unknown conditions that your shoulder straps have gone through in the last 40 years, you're gonna have a REALLY tough time finding a perfect match. Heck, I've had tons of different sets of shoulder straps pass through my hands in building proton packs for the last 10 years, and every single set was a different shade. Even within sets, they varied in color! I'm not saying to give up on trying to find a match, but just understand that you're gonna have a really tough time.
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By julz
Dude you are doing an amazing job!

Could you post where you got the flash bulb and it's connection base from? What is the bit of plastic it fits into I side the acrylic tube? Looks like a moldable ear plug?

Great work!
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By legend642
The Flash is a AG3B type, donated by my friend.
The bi-pin ceramic socket I found on eBay, and the bit of plastic it fits into the side the acrylic tube, is a plexiglass bar, I cut and satin with sandpaper.
Unfortunately the ceramic socket are not completely round.
I tried for a long time, but these are more similar to the original socket that I have found.






My theory is that ceramic socket (or plastic socket), not only used for flash bulb, but also for powercell incandescent lightbulbs of proton pack hero.
I deduced this by looking at photos posted by Venky.


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By ChapterMasterTu'Shan
Yeah, the socket in the acrylic is the same as the one's on the hero powercell (99% sure). I can tell you from my searches when buying parts for the wirewrapped stuff, those sockets are impossible to find. They were replaced with a smaller part (some datasheets actually say "replaces XXXX"), which is what I had to settle with.

You could probably make your own on a mill/lathe, but I don't think it's really worth the effort.
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By julz
Love it!

Nice job.. your help was much appreciated in creating my flash bulb setup by the way! :cool:
By gold333
Wow that looks like the right weathering. Not many packs are that accurate in terms of weathering. Amazing.
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By Lewis Tully
I agree. A lot of time folks (myself included) want to weather the shell by adding silver, or aluminum paint, but that isn't accurate, as we all know. Great job!
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By julz

Love the clay detail in the powercell :cool:
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By c05ta
My god!!!
I used to think i owned a nice pack.
Your shell and the couple of parts you have are already better than my completed pack.

*Hangs head in shame*
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