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By Hoot
Here's the new story (and I'm sticking to it)
A friend (who shall remain nameless...or he who shall not be named? f*** I dunno) purchased a shell off eBay.

Y'all can see where this is going already. I begged. I pleaded even. I swore repeatedly (though that should not come as a remote shock).

Its a Bob Shell and its already too damn late to stop it.

Its fallen to my lot to franken-f*** it to a respectable pack.

f*** MY LIFE.
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By Hoot
Negative. I fear (highly correctly) that this is going to be a labour of patience instead of the last one which was SO GODDAMMED EASY. Now I am going to learn the real hard skills. Bondo'ing, fiberglass, and heating shells to dewarp them.

Apparently the clusterfuck will ship this week to Michigan. I will pick it up then and will take a massive amount of photos to detail the shell much like I think Joe or Dono did on ovw's refurb.

Again, I already sent Throwing Chicken an apology by way of private message. I feel awful knowing that a thing of beauty like that kit is going to be mated with this abomination.
I digress; its my goal to make this a serviceable GB2 pack.
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By Hoot
I am not going to lie here guys - I'm actually not too excited about the prospects of doing this build. I have seen the heaven and hell of dealing with a Bob shell.

I refuse to give that bloated fat f****g jack-o-lantern of a human being a red cent (which is especially easy because here in Canada we have actually done away with pennies). I will franken-f*** the shit out of his shell with QUALITY parts and accessories. I will polish and refurb dewarp and generally UNFUCK this godforsaken bastard.
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By Hoot
I may splinter this thread into an appropriate new thread to hopefully use as a larger and deeper warning as to why we should NOT BUY THINGS OUTSIDE THE COMMUNITY least of all from Robert Moseley.
I am willing to do something of this nature as a potential to get stickied as a reference thread of the differences between a real quality shell (my GBFans V330 descendent) as opposed to a doorstop as it were...

Can someone tell the disdain I have for Bob?
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By PssdffJay
I think we had trouble figuring that out.

I agree in a new thread. You wouldn't want someone jumping in at the end of this one thinking that it was your build. Keep it separate.
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By thebigone2087
I am actually looking forward to this. It is truly unfortunate that your friend didn't heed your warning and got the bob shell anyway. However, you did a hell of a job on your build and I'm sure this bad boy is going to end up *mostly* awesome. I'd normally say "Polish a turd it's still a turd" BUT... In this case I might make an exception ;-)
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By NoodleMaps
I will agree that a sticky worthy thread on the what is involved with a Bob shell would be a great addition. Good luck sir, Not sure how I can help or if I can, but there is a part of me that wants to, so...I'll be paying attention and will offer words but would rather get hands on with it.
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By Hoot
I will be finishing up this build and calling it...done soon enough.
The refurb documentation will be taking place at: ... =2&t=37345
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By Hoot
I wanna get back on topic with my current GB1 Hero.
As it sits, I am doing the venting work with the e-cig but ran into an issue. I burned up (LITERALLY!) one of the e-cigs today. I am thinking I screwed up in my soldering of the e-cig itself. I am waiting on confirmation of that in the E-Cig venting thread.

I managed to simply wire the circuit together at its base. I will need to figure out the issue with the e-cig and shit.

Updates to follow. STAY TUNED MFKRS!!!
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By Hoot
Good day all! As many can see, today was partially dedicated to documenting and assessing the new refurb. I decided afterwards to get back to work on the venting portion.

I bought Spongeface's new relay but I am unfamiliar with how to get it wired into this circuit using my existing 12V blue brick.

I'll be posting here and the other forum to figure it out :)
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By Hoot
Oh I know :)
I think I am going to spend a day in the near future (I have 2 weeks off coming up) to clean up the innards of the pack. I was able to detect an issue with a "rattling" like sound in the pack that was a simple repair (some nuts...heheheh nuts.....came loose). I need to tidy up some of the routing of my cabling inside because its become an absolute rats nest and repair some of the cabling to make it much more safe and secure and quite frankly cleaner.

I do believe I will wind up trying to find a way to make the coupler housing sit inside the N-Filter with some pressure/friction as opposed to a permanent fixture.
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