By Photon Guy
Im trying to find the parts to build the shell for the Neutrino Wand that goes with the Proton Pack. I've checked the shop under the proton pack section and I've found all sorts of electronics for sound, lighting, ect, but nothing for the shell or housing of the neutrino wand. Could somebody provide a link?
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By thebigone2087
Want inexpensive, durable, and obnoxiously easy to assemble? Get a TC kit. I have assembled 3 of them and they are a joy to build.

Want hero screen accuracy with a price to match? Go all aluminum from FreekyGeeky or CPU64.

Either way - you can NOT go wrong!
By Photon Guy
Lots of great builds I see with the links provided. I hope to have a proton pack like those someday. The closest I've had was I had the Ghost Zapper by Kenner which roughly resembled the neutrino wand.
By EctoKid_97
I know I'm being a bit of a plan in the butt...but does anyone have a shell kit for cheap, I'm in Australia and it's really hard to find something for cheap Thanks
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By Knowone251
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Proton Pack Neutrino Wand FULL kit LINK REMOVED
I sell an affordable, entry level wand kit that comes with all the pieces needed.
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By Kingpin
I've had to remove the link because it was in contravention of the forum's rules regarding items for sale: you're only allowed to link to an out-of-forum item you're selling if you have a supporting membership.

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