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By Chris Brewin
Hey all!

I've been considering doing a non-standard paint job on my GB1/GB2 pack. It seems like 99.99999% of people make theirs essentially all-black. I've seen one that's got lots of pinks that's a My Little Pony-themed pack. I've seen one or two with some red highlights (like the bumper), one of the GB of BC guys has an all-gold pack and I've also seen the RGB-themed packs, too. I'm having a hard time finding images of people who have done anything else. Do people 'always' just paint them black and leave it at that?

I've been wanting to see examples of other paint schemes because I'm thinking I might want to do something with my paint job to make it seem more "me". I've been thinking of painting the ends of the bumper red, the middle section white and laying a red maple leaf under the bellows to give the bumper a Canadian flag motif, but I'd like to see more examples of different paint jobs.

If you've got a different paint scheme or seen others, please share!
By quiksurf
I've seen a couple besides the ones you mentioned here like a super Mario theme but I think most people, me included, are really going for that movie Proton pack feeling.

That said no two packs are the same, all 4 guys had little details to their own packs. I really like it when people go outside the box with their gear and think when you're building a pack screen accuracy is secondary to making something you'll really love. I say do your own badass paint job and post lots of pics. I'd love to see it.
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By Chris Brewin
Thanks for the vote of confidence! I'm trying to think of themes to go with. As a Canadian and a proud member of the Royal Canadian Air Force, I've got one idea of doing the Canadian flag bumper and making custom pads for the straps using the RCAF tartan. My other major genre love is Star Trek and I'm starting to wonder what a proton pack might look like with a Starfleet aesthetic. Oh well. I won't have my pack till the fall, likely, so I've got lots of time to weigh my options and get input from others here.
By quiksurf
Yeah I'd draw it out on paper or something so you can get an idea of what the final product will look like. Good luck on your build man.
By Ecto716
I wish I could find it, but I saw someone paint their pack in an Iron Man scheme, Red and Gold. It was pretty sick looking!
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By Chris Brewin
I was sitting in my buddy's car today and was looking at his dash and his interior has (fake) carbon fibre accents all over. I was thinking I could head to Canadian Tire (an automotive/home improvement/sporting goods store if you've never been to Canada) and grab some carbon fibre sticker sheets. Question is: what parts to make look like they're carbon fibre. Hand grips? Shafts on the wand? Some other bits?
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