By Heatley2001
I've been looking all over and i can find PDFs of pack labels but i need help know how much do i need to resize them for a spirit proton pack and still have to labels look clear and not all blurry .

Thank you.
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By 1chapelcredit
Heatley2001; if you can share the labels you've decided to use, I'll rescale them for you. That should be within even my meager photoshop skills, and I had planned to do it anyway for my own pack.
By Heatley2001
Nice. I didn't even notice those.

I don't mind the stickers that's already on the pack...even though I feel like the clippard ones are upside down on the pack and on the wand.

Im mainly looking for the wand decals. But never I bad thing to have them all.
By Heatley2001
Was this ever sorted out? I'm low on time and ink for this. My thrower needs labels.
Not that i know of. I had to use the link i posted for decals and found a program online that converted the pdf to jpg then found a another program that resized my jpg to the size i need for the labels.

I believe i did 75%. when i resized them. I then print them out on card stock then cut out the ones i need then attached them with double sided tape. Ill post pics in just a bit of what it looked liked.
By Heatley2001
Hutto here are the pictures.

May not be the best looking but im pretty happy how it turned out.



Here are the decals i used from valentino_42 I have already resized them to i believe 75%

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