By DaygoErm
Hi, my set up currently is:
Spirit pack
Spongeface led kit and cosmetics
Spirit wand

Now: I’d like to upgrade to bigger speaker and blue brick

Can I do that with the set up above? Will it be too much power or not enough? Thanks for your help.
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By randomZERO
I know that the Spongeface kit takes up to 15volts, so you are good there. I immediately ripped my wand and its electronics out and replaced them. I'm not sure, but does the spirit stuff plug into SF's kit?
By jpetrutis81
From Spongeface's Light Kit instructions:
"The Spirit Light Kit is designed to work in the Spirit Halloween Deluxe Proton Pack and can be used with the existing Spirit electronics and battery pack or can be used with additional switch controls, the Matty Blaster board or the GBFans Sound Board."
"Battery Power: If you are using the Matty Blaster or the GBFans Sound Blaster boards you will need a different battery since the 3 AA pack included with the original Spirit Pack cannot deliver enough power to make those boards useful."

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