Hi, new to prop building but as a kid of the 80's a Proton pack has been on my want list forever! I have the trap, the pke and suit..so now the main tool! waiting on my benofkent kit to arrive but so far have my ALICE frame ready, got my paints ready. Can't wait! :D
Very nervous as I've never done anything to this scale and its an expensive project to mess up! anyone with experience with a BoK kit drop advice please haha still need to source a Dremel tool and borrow a drill from a friend for the project XD
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By Banjo
Good start!
your story sounds a lot like mine. Now I'm older and can build that pack I longed for as a kid.
I'm looking forward to see how your build goes.
By CorfieldUK81
Slowly working on my BoK kit. It and him is a pleasure to work with.
yeah he has been a great help with any questions I've had. Any tips would be great if you have any too ;) do you have photos / thread of your build?

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