By Cameron Buck
Hello! I am new here and I made this account to ask if there is a video or guide on how to build a screen accurate proton pack using the GB fans parts. (I'm looking to make a Ghostbusters 2 pack. Also I do not want to modify an already made pack). Thank you in advance! :cool:
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By Christof
There's no single source I would recommend, honestly. What I recommend is checking out the Proton Pack Section Index Thread here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=28621 It's a really handy little guide to all the useful knowledge that's been shared here over the years. It would also be a good idea to start looking at some of the build threads and seeing how others have done things like Venkman Swagger's thread on building his GB2 Semi-Hero Stantz pack,, or Canpara's GB1 Build
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By GBfan77
I can't stress the importance of research before building. Look over the various build guides available to determine which one would be best for your skill level. If you plan to build 100% accuracy, make sure it's in the budget. If you plan a hand built pack (parts made by hand, ect) keep in consideration what materials you want to use. Also Keep track of the Weight of the Pack. Some builders might not think of that factor but if you have back issues it makes a difference. The Pack I made before I got the Spirit is about 35/40 pounds. I did two conventions with it and my lower back was really bothering me by the end of the day.

Most importantly whatever you decide to build be proud of it.
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By JWils23
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Couldn’t agree more with both of the above posts. There is so much information on this site it’s an incredibly valuable resource. You can find all sorts of build threads where you can learn some awesome tips and approaches to things you may not have thought of. Also GBfan77’s comment about weight is huge, I was on a fire dept hand crew for a long time and regularly carried 30-40 pounds on my back. It can weigh on you (no pun intended) throughout the day and leave you hurting. I built a spirit pack that has all the lights and sounds of a full-size but only weighs 15 pounds, it makes a huge difference.
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