By Commodore Starska
Long time no stop by.
I have a pack that was given to me to replace the one I made in 2000 I lost in a fire last year.

It has a GBfan light board in it. When it was given to me it worked fine but shortly it stoped working. And by that I mean just the bottom led in the power bar will blink about once every 5-10 seconds.

I think the battery pack maybe bad but want to get some input before getting a new one.

Could this be a sign or low amps. Or Voltage?

Keith Marshall
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By greg883
Yes, check the voltage as step one. Instructions say 9V-14VDC.
If you don't have a meter handy, try a fresh 9V battery for a few seconds (with sound off or close to off) to verify lights working correctly.

All rechargeable batteries have a self-discharge rate, over time they will "go dead" even if not connected to anything. So depending on how long its been since they were last charged, it could be below the 9V minimum.
By Commodore Starska
Thank sir,
I have only the pack lights installed so far. Sound and wand will be added once I have the pack runing. The battery pack I had was the one from here (GBFANS).
The old pack is swelling. So I just got a new pack. Charged it last night and tonight plugged it in. The pack lit up full for like 4 cycles and then back to just the bottom power cell led flashing once every few seconds.

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