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By Gatchigirl
Just started this project this morning. I realize this my be bigger than the way it was presented in EGB but I feel that if its a proton pack, it should have some size to it, even if its suppose to be smaller and less powerful than the regular packs used. I hope you all like it. I made this from foam board and need to strengthen the seams inside and then plasti dip it. The top will open so it can be used for storage at cons. Though I'm thinking the battery pack will go inside this and just the LED and a small sound board will be in the pistol. If I'm going to be connecting the pistol by a wire coupling, why not actually use that for wire and lighten the pistol some. Plus it will be easier to lug it around with the battery pack in the pack itself. I still have cosmetic work to finish on it first. I hope to have this part finished within the next few days. When I do, I'll post update pics.Image20190205_112945_HDR by Nikki Lampron, on Flickr

Image20190205_112953_HDR by Nikki Lampron, on Flickr

Image20190205_113002_HDR by Nikki Lampron, on Flickr

Image20190205_113010_HDR by Nikki Lampron, on Flickr

Image20190205_113019_HDR by Nikki Lampron, on Flickr
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By Gatchigirl
I got it working so don't mind this response.
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By Gatchigirl
I haven't been able to finish this yet. The weather outside isn't being cooperative and I am in no way spraying Plasti Dip inside the house. The temps have been all over the place lately plus we've been getting rain, so its making it hard to go outside. Hopefully I can get more work done on this this coming week. Be sure to watch for my Extreme PKE build. Gonna start it today and hopefully able to build it with some kind of screen. I have an old digital camera lying around that I think I'll use for the display on it. Plus I will be able to get sounds with that. Only I won't have the ability to change the display or sounds. More in another post once I get it going and figure out how to build it. I will most likely use my favorite building material, foam board.
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By Gatchigirl
Just a little work on the pistol part. Need to finish shaping this and making the cover to go over the top and wrap the handle in gray electrical tape. But I'm finally getting there with this part. Should be getting the pack part done sometime this week because the weather is starting to cooperate and not rain as much nor is it too cold for the cans to be used now.

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