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By LtPinkerton
Basically I’m looking for files to start printing my pack. Thingiverse has some but they are either meh or not scaled properly. Some people have posted threads of their 3d printed packs with promise to release files then didn’t and haven’t been online in years.

Anyone know where to find some 1:1 files
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By NotSabbat
Yeah, there was a pretty good one by a guy name dancinfool (sp?) but his files seemed to have been taken down. I may put mine up. It always tough to do that because once they are out there you lose all control of them. Sure you can have a non commercial license, but that wont keep people from selling it on ebay. I haven't been doing much with them anyway.
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By LtPinkerton
I saw dancin fools the other day I think. If you do decide to put yours out there let me know. It would be crazy cool of you too even consider it tbh. I hope to start printing as soon as I get my hands on the files. Printer and filament all ready lol

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